The vaccine is available from the age of 16 in the cantons of Jura and Valais.

The number of cases reported in Switzerland, hospitalizations and tests in connection with the coronavirus remained virtually unchanged over the week. The number of deaths increased slightly.

During the week of April 19 to April 25, there were 14,542 laboratory-confirmed cases, up from 14,136 the previous week, according to a weekly report from the Federal Office of Public Health. Thus, the indicators remain unchanged (+ 2.9%). The proportion of the corresponding virus variants was 99% of the 156 samples analyzed in this respect.

Confirmed cases in the cantons and Liechtenstein ranged from 107 cases per 100,000 inhabitants per week in Schaffhausen to 225 in Geneva. The exception is Uri: 594 cases per 100,000 inhabitants.

So far, 395 hospitalizations related to confirmed Covid-19 have been reported in the week under review. At the same time, there were 409 in the previous week. Due to the fact that applications have not yet been received, FOPH expects that the number of hospitalizations will not change.

The average number of patients admitted to the intensive care unit (248) increased over the previous week (+ 6%).

44 deaths

At the moment, 44 deaths have been registered. In the previous week, at the same time, there were 39 of them. In view of the fact that applications have not yet been received, one should expect a slight increase in the number of deaths in the reporting week.

A total of 184,379 tests were registered during this period (72.7% of PCR tests and 27.3% of rapid antigen tests). Compared to the previous week, the number of tests remained stable (- 2.1%), as did the proportion of positive results from PCR tests (9.6%) and rapid antigen tests (5.6%).

As of April 27, 14,462 people were in isolation and 22,915 people were in quarantine in Switzerland and Liechtenstein. These numbers are lower than the previous week. The number of people quarantined due to the fact that they came from a country with a high risk of infection has also decreased (4,715 according to data from 24 cantons and Liechtenstein).

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