The video game puts you in the shoes of brave Ukrainian farmers facing Russian tanks

They have been one of the symbols of Ukrainian resistance since the beginning of the Russian invasion: now the farmers have their own video game. Images of these agricultural vehicles towing Russian armored vehicles have flourished on social media, inspiring independent developers.

Thus was born the “Ukrainian FarmArmy”, dedicated to all those farmers who, as best they could, held back the Russian forces. The game is available on the platform at a price of your choice. Profits generated by developers will be directed to associations with a presence in Ukraine.

“Fight against time! »

“The storyline of the game is quite obvious: our Farm Building is already legendary all over the world,” the developers explain. “Ordinary Ukrainian farmers are regularly filmed using their tractors to seize Russian military equipment across the country. In Ukrainian fArmy you can play one of the most feared fighters on the Ukrainian battlefield – a tractor driver. Fight against time and “precision” artillery strikes and capture as many tanks, trucks and armored vehicles as possible. »

In practice, you will drive a small tractor that must collect six cars from the surrounding area. You are, of course, timed, and your shore will depend on the time spent. If the concept is not crazy, then the fact that a video game is created in such a direct way and tied to a historical and political context is new. And if donations can help locally, so much the better!


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