The week on JVL: what not to miss (S31 / 2021)

Every Sunday, the editorial staff invites you to discover the essentials of the video game news of the week. Here is the summary of what not to miss from 08/08 to 15/08.

You weren’t able to follow the video game news of the week, but you would like to know what information you shouldn’t miss?

Don’t move, you’ve come to the right place! JVL invites you to discover which news has had the most success in the world of your favorite consoles and games in recent days, here is the essential of the week from 08/08 to 15/08:

  • Berserk: Glénat invites you to pay tribute to Kentaro Miura (Friday 13/08)
    While Berserk will be entitled to a new chapter next month, Glénat invites you to pay tribute to the creator.
  • Abandoned: the “short but breathtaking” revelation tonight on PS5 (Tuesday 10/08)
    No postponement, the game from Blue Box Game Studios will make its first steps with a teaser from the PlayStation 5, in a few hours. And apparently it’s going to be amazing!
  • Battlefield 2042 gameplay leaked live from technical tests (Friday 08/13)
    Admittedly, the quality is highly questionable, but the videos which are in nature allow to see in action some new features of this BF 2042.
  • Abandoned: the farce continues, the teaser is still not there (Tuesday 10/08)
    It had to be “short but breathtaking” … and it was indeed very succinct because the revelation was cut short due to a “technical problem”.
  • Crunchyroll bought by Sony, soon a premium PS Plus offer? (Tuesday 10/08)
    Sony Pictures Entertainment’s anime empire expands further with the acquisition of the platform by Funimation (already owned by Sony).
  • Dying Light 2 technical issue on PS5 and Xbox Series (ray tracing, 60fps …) (Tuesday 10/08)
    Like other games on the market, Techland’s zombie game will let you opt for “Quality” or “Performance” modes. Ray tracing has a significant impact on the studio.
  • Abandoned: the studio deletes tweets, the (empty) teaser available (Friday 13/08)
    We can now watch a 5-second video almost identical to the one posted on Twitter … but with music. And no, it’s not Akira Yamaoka (Silent Hill).
  • No MCU character in 2K’s Marvel / XCOM game? (Sunday 08/08)
    XCOM-style Marvel game, Jeff Grubb says, wouldn’t include any MCU characters and let players create their own superheroes instead
  • (Update) Any info for the GTA 3, Vice City and San Andreas remasters? (Thursday 12/08)
    Launch period, release on consoles, PC and mobile or engine used by Rockstar Games, new rumors fall on the remaster of the PS2 Grand Theft Auto trilogy.
  • Phil Spencer gives up idea of ​​Xbox Game Pass on PS4, PS5 and Switch (Friday 13/08)
    The boss of Xbox believed in his plan to offer the Game Pass on the PlayStation and Nintendo consoles. But eventually, he resolves and accepts that this won’t be the case … in the near future.
  • FIFA 22: Pierre Ménès fired, Hervé Mathoux alone in the comments? (Thursday 12/08)
    While the couple of commentators have been officiating the FIFA license since 2017, EA has decided to do without Pierre Ménès for the next FIFA 22 edition. And this is not without consequences.
  • Take-Two is preparing 3 remasters … of the GTA PS2 trilogy? (Monday 09/08)
    The parent company of Rockstar Games has not yet cut all its cards since three new iterations of old games are planned. GTA 3, GTA Vice City and GTA San Andreas?
  • No Man’s Sky: a new update (Frontiers) for its five years (Tuesday 10/08)
    Five years that No Man’s Sky has existed… In order to properly celebrate them, Hello Games announces the coming of a new update soon.
  • Riders Republic beta dated (Monday 09/08)
    Despite its small postponement, the extreme sports game from Ubisoft maintains its trial version and has given the exact dates, as well as the means to participate on consoles and PC.
  • Several Rockstar game remasters planned, including Red Dead Redemption? (Friday 08/13)
    If GTA 3, Vice City, and San Andreas Remastered – which have yet to be confirmed – are successful, Rockstar Games could continue with Red Dead and other titles.

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