The Wikimedia Foundation stops accepting cryptocurrencies as donations

The use of virtual currencies continues to be highly controversial and their adoption experiences constant successes and failures. Content editors on the Wikipedia platform have already received donations in bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies, but now that will end.

The Wikimedia Foundation has already stated that it will no longer accept cryptocurrencies as donations.

The Wikimedia Foundation stops accepting cryptocurrencies as donations

After the editors of Wikipedia voted last month to stop using cryptocurrencies as a way to donate, the Wikimedia Foundation announced that it would no longer accept bitcoin and other virtual currencies. To avoid future donations, you are effectively closing your Bitpay account.

The Wikimedia Foundation has decided to stop directly accepting cryptocurrencies as a means of donation. We started direct adoption of cryptocurrencies in 2014 based on requests from our volunteers and donor communities. We’re making this decision based on recent feedback from these same communities. In particular, we will close our Bitpay account, which will make it impossible for us to directly accept cryptocurrencies as a donation method.

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Despite this decision, the Wikimedia Foundation says it will continue to review feedback from those who create content for the platform, allowing for flexibility should they choose to use these virtual currencies again as a solution.

ethical decision

Wikipedia editor GorillaWarefare (also known as Molly White) wrote a proposal for the fund to stop accepting cryptocurrencies, calling them “extremely risky investments.” In addition, their concerns highlighted issues related to environmental sustainability, given the excessive energy consumption for their production.

The Wikimedia Foundation views this debate among its creators as very positive, as does the ethical decision to temporarily stop donations through cryptocurrencies.

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