The Witcher 3: The development team made a serious mistake in the integration of quests

Game news The Witcher 3: The development team made a serious mistake in the integration of quests

Published on 22.07.2022 at 10:41

Of all the open worlds in existence, The Witcher is undoubtedly one of the most immersive. But in order to achieve such a sense of life and the organic world, it is necessary to integrate many points of interest. Main missions, side quests, optional tasks, mini-games… all means are good to make the open world a lively and enjoyable place to watch. We know all too well the giant but empty map syndrome. However, one of the developers of The Witcher 3 admits a serious mistake in creating the game…

Dozens of question marks

CD Projekt Red, through The Witcher 4 campaign director Philip Weber, has just acknowledged that players have a lot to lose by landing on the Skellige archipelago. Indeed, when you discover this distant land, the map is covered in question marks and you really don’t know which way to turn. In fact, there is an explanation for all this …

Secrets of smugglers in question?

AT online event To celebrate the studio’s 20th anniversary, Philip Weber, then a junior quest designer, explained that not all smugglers’ caches (underwater chests buried by the dozen at the bottom of the water) are considered attractions. And yet, in order to give the impression of the density of this environment, the developers chose to scatter them everywhere, which meant that the players found themselves with a map littered with question marks, ad nauseam. In fact, the hiding places of these smugglers were not originally intended to materialize these sights. To find them, the developers of CDProjekt Red came up with a completely different system that should be self-sufficient: seagulls that circle around the place where the buried treasure is located.

In other words, these stashes should just be little treasures that players find randomly, not a collection of endless points of interest. Quite frankly, Philip Weber readily acknowledges this:

I fully agree that this was a mistake. I won’t do it again.

Therefore, a good moment for The Witcher 4, which should not suffer from the same pitfalls. However, you will have to be (very) patient to find out about the rest of the witcher’s adventures. The pre-production of the game only started in May, and the only thing we can understand is a simple teaser image. See you in 2025? Probably not before.

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