The Witcher: the next season will be teased at Netflix Comic-Con

Culture news The Witcher: the next season will be teased at Netflix Comic-Con

Netflix will present its first Comic-con type conference from June 7 to 11, Geeked Week. This will allow you to learn more about The Cuphead Show, Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness and Castlevania and to discover images from the new season of The Witcher.

Netflix has proven itself in many areas of cinematographic fiction, by the quality of some of its productions, of its castings, by the number of awards received by films like Marriage story or Roma … But apart from its Twitter accounts, the firm had relatively little direct contact with its fans. From now on, they will be entitled to Event (we imagine annual if the first is a success) called the Geeked Week, which will serve as a Comic-con-like conference. The first will take place from June 7 to 11, to follow for free online.

Among the many productions that are expected to be announced, include two closely related to video games: The Witcher, and The Cuphead Show. The new season of The witcher will be presented at the event, while The Cuphead Show will finally show its first images! The season 4 of Castlevania already released, we learned that the team behind the animated series inspired by the famous Konami saga will be present at Geeked Week and answer questions from fans. Note also the animated series Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness, which will be released on June 8. The series will also be present during the five days of conferences promised by Netflix.

Netflix will obviously also present many other productions and future productions, not related to video games. Among them, the new seasons of Lucifer and The Umbrella Academy but also new features like the new iteration of Musclor in Master of the Universe: Revelation, The Sandman, Cowboy Bebop or Sweet tooth (inspired by the DC comics, produced by Robert Downey Jr. and Susan Downey, and which will be released shortly before the event).

Over the years, Netflix has been fortunate to be able to unite fans around films and series such as Stranger Things, Castlevania, The Old Guard and many others. (…) But these fan communities aren’t limited to designing GIFs, buying merchandise, or crafting theories about upcoming storylines. They are a way to share emotions and bond with people all over the world who have the same passion for these characters and stories. (…) This is why we are launching Geeked Week.

The Netflix Geeked Week will last five days from June 7 to 11 and can be followed for free online. The modalities to follow the event will be revealed by Netflix in the coming weeks.

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