The world of video games. Iron Harvest 1920+ on PC: What’s New in Strategy Games?

The First World War was not completely over. At least on the eastern front. A Polish-Soviet war unfolds with an invasion coupled with a massacre of the Polonians by the Rusviets as well as another nation that we meet later. The scenario revolves around a sniper accompanied by her favorite bear who join the resistance. The reconquest sounded!


Factions, heroes led, skirmishes … The three main ingredients are there. It smacks of the Company of Heroes franchise, too, and that’s a pretty good sign. If one wishes to spare a small group of men with whom there is little life left, this will be more careful. Emergency or weapon chests are scattered around the map. Watch out for bad encounters, since the enemy swarms and patrols everywhere. Fortunately, low walls and thatched cottages serve as an ambush and also as protection. Along the way, enemies drop weapons like grenades, guns and cannons. Any faction can equip, it takes a little while to load it all up. Then, we build our base with specialized units. Mechs, cannons of all kinds, and kinds of factions build a multiple strategy.

A modern real-time strategy game doesn’t do without armor. And, the least we can say is that technological innovation has been in full swing for two years. Gigantic diesel machines come straight out of a cyberpunk universe. This atypicality gives a hard time to the units which must bypass the giant in order to fire on its rear armor, its Achilles heel. The war strategy then constitutes the principle of the title. Yes, but the constructions of buildings created from two resources including iron and oil break the chain of the circle of monotony: adventure-combat-victory-healing.

A reference ?

Iron Harvest 1920+ is a nice title overall to handle. It is a mix of what has existed most innovative on the market. Capture resource points as in Warhammer 4000, dedicate a weapon to a faction as in Company of heroes. The agreed scenario may be the small flaw as well as textures that are not always very successful, but the mayonnaise takes. And failing that, a better current real-time strategy game, Iron Harvest 1920+ is currently a benchmark.

The note: 16/20

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