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There was a time when cinema led culture. The buzz of a movie lasted more than three weeks before we moved on. It was therefore logical to decline these works in video games to extract as much money as possible from the fans.

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In some cases, this is successful, but these games are exceptions. Usually they were bad. To the point where it was well known to gamers.

Today’s list could have been very long and could have included things like The Crow: City Of Angels or Avatar, but I picked out ten bad video games from movies for you.

10- Shrek’s games in general

I’m going to burst this abscess otherwise Shrek would take too many positions on this chart. Individually Shrek’s games struggle to hit the 60% rating and collectively they are terrible.

I just imagine the face of a Shrek fan hoping thatfinally a good game from Shrek so, come home and be disappointed time and time again.

Shrek’s games are disappointing because they are poor copies of other games. Either they are bland platform games, pseudo-Mario kart uninteresting or Mario party drabs. And don’t leave me on Shrek Extra Large!

If you ever see these titles in a pawn shop … and that’s where you get out!

9- Catwoman

Is it so bad to make a bad play from a bad movie? After all, Halle Berry accepted her Razzie in person along with her Oscar. She’s really cool!

But the game as such does not deserve any trophy. His controls are terrible, his camera is incompetent and his attempt to be a kind of Prince Of Persia is missed.

The game and the movie Catwoman are good for the litter.

8- Charlie’s Angels

Released for the second film in the Charlie’s Angels series in 2003, the game of Charlie’s angels starts off with a competitive bikini stealth. Obviously.

We play Cameron Diaz when it looks like his face has just been electrocuted by a car battery. Her hair does not cover her entire head and it starts out badly.

We quickly understand that we are dealing with a beat’em up with women in bikinis the “pleasure” of our eyes. I’m putting quotes here because the characters are so poorly made that no one is excited to see these polygons.

Someone might say it’s justified considering some scenes in the movies, but so much waddling butt in a game, it’s just silly.

The game is flat. Terribly flat. It is repetitive and the three angels all control each other in the same way. Charlie’s angels is hell.

7- Total Recall

Where to start for the adaptation of Total Recall to Nintendo? By the first level, obviously. The problem here is that it’s probably the only one you’ll have access to. The first boss is almost impossible to beat.

The mission is to defeat his fake wife, but time is too limited to do so. After only a few moments, Richter comes up and shoots endless bullets in our direction.

At this point, it becomes impossible to straighten up and you have to stay bent. After several attempts, we stop playing and we move on to another call.

6- The Fifth Element

A year after the release of the film of the same name, The Fifth Element lets you play as Bruce Willis and Milla Jojovich in a highly pixelated adventure.

Other than the controls where aiming is harder than it should be and silly puzzles, The Fifth Element has a glaring problem. I mean ears.

Everything audio in this game is terrible. Whether it’s the sound effects or the redundant music track, every second of this game makes you want to rip your ears out.

5- Rambo: The VideoGame

In 2013, no one said a word about Rambo. Coming out of a bush, a developer found we needed a Rambo game.

Released on the PS3, this game seems to come from an earlier generation. This is a rail shooter that would have been perfect for an arcade back in time.

Unfortunately, we end up with an uninteresting game. Too easy on PC and too slow on console, Rambo: The Video Game makes us ask the question: why?

4- Street Fighter The Movie

It’s time to talk about a movie-based video game… which is based on a video game. Which makes us ask the same question as in Rambo: why? The game already exists!

For this edition of Street Fighter, they have digitized the actors of the film, but all the movements very jerky. This game ruined something that was already working very well.

3- Fight Club

Tyler Durden hit the imagination of pop culture so hard that he broke as many men as the Joker. We all had to deal with a guy on the internet who had those faces in profile pictures and his words went against the message of those movies!

Still, Fight Club was really good. Making it a fighting game was appropriate considering that this genre is very popular. However, the game Fight Club is horrible.

First of all, the developers didn’t get the right to use the faces of Brad Pitt, Edward Norton, and Jared Leto. Already there, it starts badly. Making a game in which none of the main characters are recognizable is silly.

But oh, good news! Fred Durst is here! Because… uh… people were so keen to see the Limp Bizkit frontman in a restaurant basement fight?

The game is visually boring as all the characters are dudes in jeans. The budget was cut right in the middle and it shows because only the cutscenes at the beginning and the end have possible animations. The rest are images of the talking characters. We are looking at a PowerPoint with voices over it.

The game is so bad that it makes everyone follow the Fight Club rule: no one talks about it.

2- ET the Extra-Terrestrial

What would this top be without the presence ofAND The Extra-Terrestrial? Imagine the number of complaint emails I would have received!

What more can you say about this horror that you probably don’t already know? This cassette was so bad that the unsold items went straight to the earth!

1- Back To The Future

Back To The Future is one of my favorite movies and it breaks my heart to have to include it on this list.

First, the music for Back To The Future is some of the best ever. Its theme is nothing short of iconic. That of the video game is insupportable.

Once we turn off the sound, we end up with a Marty in a black tank top, you know, the very Marty McFly look, THE BLACK TANK?!?

Do you remember the time when Marty was walking down the street collecting clocks? Me neither, but this is the setup in which we spend most of the game. If we hit any obstacle, we have to start from the beginning.

The only levels that make a little sense is the one we can see at 17 minutes where a very bad version of Johnny B Goode is heard and the final scene where we must reach 88 miles per hour. Once the game is over, we have a sentence that tells us that we are done and that’s it.

This game is really disappointing and if I could have a DeLorean to prevent it from being created, I would!

There you go, it was the worst video games from movies in my opinion. I invite you to write your own in comments. One thing is certain, if you were going to rent one of these films at the video store, you would not leave with these tapes!

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