The Xbox Series S literally turns into a toaster…

The Xbox Series S literally turns into a toaster…

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After the Xbox Series X refrigerator, it looks like Microsoft has allowed the marketing of a new derivative product resulting from a meme around one of its consoles. Say hello to the Xbox Series S toaster detailed yesterday but no release date.

The little sister of the Xbox Series X, a big winner during the COVID period thanks to its “Game Pass box” offer and competitive price, will be available as a derivative product very soon. Ready to toast your bread with Microsoft?

Xbox Series S toasts

From a distance, the product description may suggest a real console, but nevertheless, it really is that famous toaster: a built-in crumb collector, space for two slices of bread… All for $60 (the price will probably be similar in Europe) on a date that has not yet been announced. And it shouldn’t stop there, as imageshalo toolbox appeared on Twitter almost at the same time.


Xbox and related products

This is not the first time Microsoft has played the card of self-mockery: just over two years ago, the American manufacturer announced the Xbox Series X mini-fridge, which is still available for purchase for one hundred euros. This is a pretty tricky strategy, as it allows you to cash in on the popular memes that revolve around the brand and the memes around consoles that are in almost every announcement. It’s impossible not to remember the famous PS3 grille and, more recently, all the fun that has been associated with the design of the PlayStation 5.


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