The Xbox Series X update improves the installation of some offline games.

The issue of DRM on Xbox is still relevant today, sometimes causing problems when games require an internet connection to run, including when you want to play them offline. But an interesting step was taken with the Xbox September update.

The Xbox game disc does not always allow you to play it without going to the online box

Discovered by Hikikomori Media on Youtube (video below), this update, available for Xbox Series X, fixes some of the problems associated with DRM, these systems that ensure someone has the rights to use the product. In February, a YouTuber pointed out to Microsoft that sometimes it is not possible to properly install a game from a disc due to the fact that online checks are considered unnecessary. And Microsoft seems to have noticed.

The information was confirmed by engineer Eden Marie, who confirms that update 2208 significantly reduces these unnecessary checks that sometimes annoy players.

Yes, this has been true since update 2208. We’ve reviewed data since the launch of the X|S series and determined that the online compatibility check is not required in the vast majority of cases for Xbox One drives. However, some games may need to be updated online after installation to ensure the best experience.

As you can see from the video, Resident Evil Village on Xbox One now installs fine offline on Xbox Series X, but that’s not (yet?) the case with Halo Infinite or Forza Horizon 5, which absolutely need an internet connection to have the ability to play the game even if you have the game disc.

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