The Xiaomi Mijia G1 robot vacuum cleaner at 146 € with shipping from Europe

How about automating part of your household to save yourself the chore of vacuuming? The Mijia G1 robot vacuum is indeed offered at a very good price right now at Gearbest. It will cost you € 146.71 with direct shipping from Poland.

A detail that is important. Delivery times will indeed be relatively short and the vacuum robot will arrive at your home in just 2 or 5 days. Best of all, you won’t have to face any customs fees.

The Xiaomi Mijia G1 in action

Attention, if the offer is limited to the next 12 days, it remains dependent on the stocks in the possession of the sign. So far, 31 pieces have been sold.

The Xiaomi Mijia G1 at a knockdown price

The robot vacuum market has grown significantly in the space of just a decade. Many companies have entered the sector and this is of course the case with Xiaomi, which multiplies the references.

The Mijia G1 is one of them and if this robot is very far from offering all the functions found on high-end products on the market, it benefits from an interesting quality / price ratio. At less than 150 €, it is even a very good option.

The format does not change. The Mijia G1 thus resembles all robot vacuum cleaners on the market and it comes in the form of a round and flat housing equipped with two circular brushes and a roller brush.

Unlike other products of the brand, it does not have a laser, but it has several front sensors that will allow it to avoid obstacles in its path. Being quite low, it will also be able to go under furniture.

The suction power is similar to that of traditional vacuum cleaners and it can reach 2200 Pa. In addition to its dust container, it will also be possible to add a water tank, which will allow it to clean floors.

The Mijia G1 also wants to be interesting and it will be able to optimize its movements according to the topology of the places. It can also be linked to a Mi account through the application and it also offers a voice control function.

Despite its price, the Xiaomi Mijia G1 is therefore quite complete and should save you a lot of time on a daily basis. Note, however, that a vacuum robot requires a minimum of maintenance. You will indeed have to empty its tank each time after use and you will also have to remember to regularly clean its filters and brushes … while changing them regularly.

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