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Eliza is in a coma after a traumatic episode she doesn’t remember. She is trapped in her own subconscious. Memoriam traces the irresistible quest for this memory that Eliza must face in order to be able to take her destiny into her own hands. Thus, we switch between the real adventure of a well-crafted trio and the silent memories of Elise, which are expressed through music and dance. A great association between lyrics, choreography and original music that complement each other to create a touching and moving atmosphere. Elisa, played by Fiona Pince, is trying to somehow solve a few mysteries: how did she get there? Why is her sister Emma, ​​played by Camille Pouget, also present? How to get out of this state? From the unique script to the music, through the vibrant choreography and acting, Memoriam, Lontra’s second production, is a real success.

Hippocampus, synapses, amygdala… It’s all there!

“I wanted to highlight the mechanisms of post-traumatic amnesia,” explains Manon Bianchi, author and director of Memoriam. Throughout the show, we delve into the intricacies of Elise’s brain. Hippocampus, synapses, amygdala… It’s all there! To stay true to the science, the author turned to Aline Desmet, a neuroscientist specializing in traumatic memories from Inserm. Their exchanges lead to engaging discussions to best represent the complexity of brain structures on stage.

The author and director challenge themselves: “What if we personified them?” The seahorse then comes to life as Benoit Charron. A painstaking construction to end up with a very unusual character: Toga. We had to wonder what the personality, posture, mannerisms of the hippocampus would be like. “This is a rigid structure that manages and sorts: his character had to be completely psycho-rigid. As for the posture, it strained me!” The actor smiles. At the cost of torticollis and three lumbagos, his body language seems obvious. How could the hippocampus stand differently?

The work brilliantly touches on the construction of personality, emotional dependence and many other topics.

We find there, among other things, the amygdala, represented by a large sphere and nicknamed “The Drop”, and the synapses embodied by four other actors. The spectator advances at the same pace as the trio of accomplices. They cross different memories on the long descent… to the Underworld: the location of the sensory memory, for the final result. The work brilliantly addresses the issues of personality building, emotional dependence and many other topics. Mark your calendars: Memoriam will take place at Théâtre Libre over the weekend of September 23rd and 30th, 2022.

Useful information :

– Location: Théâtre Libre, 4, Boulevard Strasbourg in the 10th arrondissement of Paris.

– Price: from 19 euros

– Information at

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