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Square Enix released some new footage of Theatrhythm Final Bar Line this week, focusing on the music being played and the museum’s menu. Remember, this new episode will arrive on PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch on February 13, 2023, less than two months from now!

Lots of playable music

First of all, these images highlight the wide variety of songs that will be available in the game: 385 in the base version, which are added to 27 in the extended version and 50 in the already planned downloadable content packs. There will be 502 songs in total. These images show that we will be able to hear not only the tunes from the numbered episodes, but also from the specials: look at the top left to see the titles of the games and songs.

On the museum menu

As with previous Theatrhythms, Final Bar Line will feature a museum menu filled with bonuses: a collection of trading cards, cut scenes to unlock by completing levels like EMS, a jukebox to listen to all tracks (you can create up to ‘up to three playlists, and on Switch, you can even listen to them by turning off the screen), a list of various game records and, finally, achievements obtained during the game.

Real time information

Finally, the game will offer the ability to display all kinds of real-time information on the screen, including the song title, team line-up, statistics, difficulty, and the records already achieved. Square Enix indicates that this feature is mainly for people who will be streaming their game live on the internet.

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