There are 11 new games coming to your Xbox next week. – Permanent worlds

There will also be plenty of new content coming to Xbox and Xbox Game Pass next week. Starting next Tuesday, 11 new games will be available through the end of the week.

An assortment of games for both Xbox Game Pass and for purchase. In total, we have 11 great new games available starting August 1st. We take this opportunity to remind you that the huge deals of the week in the Xbox Store are still on, with attractive discounts for our consoles, you can check out all the discounts and remember that these deals will be available for a certain period of time. .

New games coming to your Xbox next week!

  • Azure Striker Gunvolt 3 – August 1
  • After Wave: Downfall – August 2
  • Frogun – August 2
  • Windoria Gale – August 3
  • Gigapocalypse – August 4
  • QuByte Classics: Thunderbolt – August 4
  • Turbo Golf Racing – August 4
  • Flying Soldiers – August 5
  • Roll The Cat5 august

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