There is a strange treasure hunt on the streets of Paris for street art lovers

This curious language was spoken at the event “Paris deciphers the street (h)” organized by the startup Stendhal on the streets of Paris on 20 and 21 July. More than 300 participants went to cross the districts of the capital and find 13 working street art created especially for the occasion by many street artists including Ernesto Novo, Cannibal Letters and Dante.

Profit has become a real treasure trove of crypto assets. I don’t know what it is? According to the Ministry of Economy, cryptoassets are virtual assets stored electronically, allowing the community of users who accept them as payment to carry out transactions without resorting to legal tender. The most famous of these is Bitcoin, a cryptocurrency whose price has skyrocketed in recent months.

For “Paris will decipher the street (h),” a startup Stendhal has proposed a series of challenges to find this particular treasure. First, a series of puzzles had to be solved that could be solved online on the event website. Then the candidates had to find working street art thanks to words that provide answers to puzzles on a model of blockchain technology, the security of which is based on codes consisting of twelve words.

“For example, there was a duet with a man who was solving puzzles from his home in Los Angeles, and another who was on a field in Paris to find working art “says Florent Tyurin, CEO of Stendhal.

A pebble in the organizers’ shoes: the winner (too) quickly found the treasure. “In Bordeaux, there is still no winner at the first event of its kind that we organized in May. Therefore we have lowered the level of puzzles in Paris. The winner is also a huge fan of treasure hunting. And he had already taken part in the Bordeaux operation, so he knew the logic of the riddles. “– continues Florent Tyurin.

The work of street artist Dante.  (OZLIGHT PICSMAKER'Z)

We managed to get in touch with 19-year-old Adrian, the main winner of the competition. “I found the treasure at 6:30 am with Antoine, with whom I was a team. I’m used to looking for treasures. I know the mechanics, it helped me. It was much easier than Bordeaux. “… Thus, the duo leaves with two ETH (Ethereum), one of the most popular cryptocurrencies after Bitcoin. These two ETHs already cost around 3,500 euros. The two winners will also receive 13 non-fungible tokens (NFT) from 13 street art pieces painted in Paris.

NFT (or non-fungible token in French) is a unique and indivisible asset that exists thanks to blockchain technology. In fact, this technology is a public ledger that helps create digital scarcity. For the first time in the history of the Internet, it is possible to create traceable and tamper-proof resources that cannot be simply copied.

“I think I will sell half, and leave the rest for myself, because these still unknown assets will rise in value.”We bet Adrian.

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