“There will be no reduction in grants from local authorities,” assures Christophe Bechu.

The Minister for Ecological Transition and Territories, Christophe Bechou, responded this Saturday, July 23, to the reaction of the various associations of elected officials, culminating in a presentation to the press on Thursday, July 21 by the Minister of Economy, Bruno Le Maire du Stability. the program that the executive sends to the European Commission for the period 2022-2027. Christophe Bechou assured in a press release that “there will be no reduction in grants from local authorities” as part of the presentation of this stability program.

The Association of Mayors of France (AMF), the Association of Small Towns of France (APVF) or the Assembly of French Departments (AdF) announced on Friday, July 22, their “problems”, “misunderstanding” or “surprise” following the remark of Mr. Le Maire, speaking on a 0.5% reduction in local government operating expenses between 2022 and 2027. “The Stability Pact, by contrast, provides for an increase in spending by local governments by 24 billion euros over the same period,” explains Mr. Bechu.


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Instead of a 0.5% decrease, the minister in charge of territorial unity proposes “to moderate operating expenses so that they increase annually on average 0.5% less than their natural trend.” “To achieve this goal, local authorities will enlist the support of the state by increasing support for investments in the ecological transition,” adds Christophe Beschu. France’s presentation of the stability program in Brussels “will not interfere with the important consultations that should take place between the state and society from the beginning of the school year,” he says.


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