These 10 home tasks will soon be done by robots

  • The study estimates that 39% of household work will be done by robots within 10 years.
  • These predictions were made by leading experts in artificial intelligence
  • Some experts, however, call for modesty in these expectations.

“If robots take our jobs, will they at least take out the trash for us? This question was asked by 65 AI researchers from the University of Oxford and Ochanomizu University in Japan.

So the idea was to see if robots could speed up the home automation process. Overall, scientists estimate that they will be able to do 39% of household chores by 2033.

Soon the end of shopping and ironing?

We can list ten of the most promising activities, according to these professionals: running errands, shopping (except for groceries), cleaning the house, washing dishes, cooking, ironing, washing clothes, participating in raising a child, gardening. , house and car maintenance.

There are important inconsistencies behind this list. Indeed, researchers believe that thanks to robots, the time spent shopping can be reduced by, for example, 60%. On the other hand, they are much more skeptical about raising children.

According to Oxford Internet Institute researcher Lulu Shi, quoted by the BBC: “Only 28% of care work, including activities such as teaching a child, accompanying a child or caring for an elderly family member, should be automated.” .

Other scientists also call for caution in these predictions. This is the case of Ekaterina Hertog, assistant professor of artificial intelligence and society at the University of Oxford. She recalls: “The prospect of self-driving cars replacing taxis on the streets has been around for decades, I think, and yet we haven’t been able to get the robots to work properly or these self-driving cars.” – driving cars to navigate the unpredictable environment of our streets. In this sense, our houses are similar.”

Another point to note is that scientists do not approach these new technologies with the same mindset. Thus, it turned out that British and Japanese researchers were much more optimistic about robots and their ability to free us from household chores for ten years.

If you want to learn more about the methodology of these experts, you can find their study here.

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