These 2 latest games for PS4 and PS5 are already at a bargain price, it’s time to go wild!

Your next PlayStation game is waiting for you at a discounted price: these two latest hits for PS4 and PS5 are now available on Amazon! Have a little fun on the occasion of the start of the school year.

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PS4 and PS5 players, Amazon has you and your wallet in mind: two games released this year have been discounted in an exclusive promotion, allowing you to embark on new PlayStation video game adventures at a lower price. Find out why Saints Row and Horizon Forbidden West deserve your attention, especially at a great price.

Saints Row returns to PS4 and PS5 at a low price

Saints Row is back! The iconic Grand Theft Auto franchise returns in an open-world adventure that lets you explore the fictional city of Santo Ileso. As the head of your own gang of thugs, dominate the city in this fast-paced gang war, available on PS4 for just €46.49 (up from €69.99, or 34% off) and on PS5 for just €48.39 (instead of €69.99 or 31% discount.

Find Amazon’s offer for the PS4 version of Saints Row here.

Find Amazon’s offer for the PS5 version of Saints Row here.

PS4, PS5: Horizon Forbidden West promises adventure at a discounted price

Horizon Forbidden West is the sequel to the very popular first episode of Horizon Zero Dawn released in 2017. This second episode still takes place in an open world where powerful machines have found their freedom and populate the Earth like giant ferocious animals. Experience the Wild West as the flamboyant heroine Aloy for just €42.67 on PS4 (down from €69.99 or 39% off), and just €58.99 on PS5 (down from €79.99, or 39% off). 26% discount.

Find Amazon’s offer for Horizon Forbidden West on PS4/PS5 here.

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