These Tesla owners are getting creative to challenge Elon Musk about the problems they’re having

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Over the past few years, criticism and issues with Tesla models have continued to mount. The problem is that the customer service is not very adapted to this multiplication of problems (finishing, mechanical or software problems). Problems that cross borders.

Therefore, a small group of Norwegian owners gathered on August 27 to warn the group’s CEO, Elon Musk. Attracting the attention of a multi-billionaire would solve all these difficulties, they said.

So they decided to send him a message through his favorite social network Twitter. But be careful, everything is done well, since Scandinavian creativity is in order.

Yes, when parking in strategic places, motorists managed to write the word “HELP”. The inscription is visible from the sky.

role model

This message has not yet been commented on by Tesla or a very wealthy businessman, but soon the message posted by these irate owners will start to gain momentum. To be continued…

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