Things and Others – An unemployed robot

If Philip K. Dick wrote a short story called “ Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? “, in real life, do robots fear to find themselves unemployed or put into early retirement? You will tell me, we do not know the retirement age of robots. Do they even have the right to stop working to do nothing more? Isn’t their only limit the famous planned obsolescence?

Unless it is simply the pressure of the citizens that puts robots out of work. The American writer would undoubtedly have made a funny and disturbing novel from this information dating from last week.

New York police have decided to withdraw their Boston Dynamics robot dog from active service. Presented last year, it was used a few times to patrol the city or go to a building where a hostage-taking was taking place. But the iron and steel doggie, far from attracting the sympathy of the children and the inhabitants, had the annoying tendency to stress everyone. No doubt because it is impossible to read his emotions and therefore to anticipate his actions. Ain’t R2D2 or Wall.E (nice robots from American family movies) who will.

In the case of Spot (that’s the model name of that Boston Dynamics robot dog still costing over $ 74,000), he looked too much like a four-legged Robocop. Without the slightest hint of humanity in its integrated circuits.

It remains to find him a reconversion. Why not put him in the Biden family? It is traditional for a newly elected president to take on a new dog. Not sure, however, that the secret services agree. A dog cannot be hacked, a robot is.

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