This 7-Eleven lets you sleep, play PS5, and eat candy

Can you imagine spending the night in a 7 eleven carpet with a PS5 at your disposal, many goodies at your fingertips and all the drinks you want? This is only possible in one branch in the world: the one in Dallas County, Texas, which will give its guests the best gaming night before opening its doors to the public.

7 Eleven PS5

Photo: Airbnb

Just like we told you a few months ago about the last Blockbuster in the world, who offered to spend the night at their agency for a slumber party with unlimited access to their movie inventory and candy selection. , here 7 eleven he does the same with his. Here’s how the listing on Airbnb describes it:

“Why sleep when you can play ALL NIGHT?” Hi Dallas County players, this is for you! Prepare for the ultimate overnight vacation with a console Playstation 5 and all the Slurpees they can drink. This is a unique opportunity for gamers to have access to the console of the moment all night long in the coolest 7-Eleven of all. “

7 Eleven in Dallas, Airbnb

Photo: Airbnb

And what exactly does this 7-Eleven video game night include? For two guests per night, here is what there will be:

A pod with a big screen TV, luxury lounge chairs and DualSense controls. One hour exclusive streaming session on Twitch with FaZe Clan founder FaZe Temperrr. One of the most sought-after items of the year, the PlayStation 5 console, with its accessories and favorite games. Access to 7-Eleven drinks and treats, including a Slurpees station, tacos, and other favorites like Red Bull, MTN DEW, and Doritos.

7 Eleven with PS5 in Dallas

Photo: Airbnb

There is two bad news: The first is that, as we said, it is only at the Dallas County branch. The second is that the dates are limited: it can only be booked for February 26 and 28. Buuu.

Would you like to spend the night in a convenience store? Or are you already at that age where you prefer your bed at all costs?


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