This AI Becomes the CEO of a Big Tech Company

NetDragon Websoft, a Chinese technology company specializing in online games and the metaverse, has just appointed an artificial intelligence-equipped humanoid robot as CEO.

Her name is Ms. Tang Yu. According to our Daily Mail colleagues, this machine will serve as a “real-time data center and analytical tool” to help make decisions within the company.

Lead AI, good or bad idea?

In a statement released on the occasion, NetDragon Websoft said, “This appointment is a step forward in using AI to transform business management and take operational efficiency to the next level. »

Rest assured, there will be a person who will truly lead the Chinese society. For example, NetDragon President Dejian Liu explains that Tang Yu’s algorithms will continue to evolve to become a “working community based on the metaverse.” A very vague statement, I must admit.

He adds: “We believe AI is the future of business management, and our appointment of Ms. Tang Yu is indicative of our commitment to truly using AI to transform the way we do business and ultimately our future strategic growth. ”

Among the advantages of AI in a company, one can highlight the fact that it does not receive any remuneration and can work 24 hours a day, but there are real limitations to using such technology to guide a professional. team.

First, even if a machine appears to work objectively, it often contains biases, and we must not forget that the algorithms were developed by humans. It is then often difficult to challenge or discuss the decision made by the AI ​​because we rarely know the criteria that led to it.

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