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The article explores the role of AI copywriters in the future of copywriting. It also provides an overview of the different use cases and types of AI-based writing assistants.

The use of AI for writing has been around for quite some time. Not only because we are lazy, but also because it is more efficient. Using AI for writing has many advantages as well as disadvantages. . AI can identify potential themes and generate story ideas. AI can also create human-written content, but better than we could imagine. However, AI has many limitations. He may only write on specific topics or create general content that is impersonal and has no emotional connection to the reader.

Some people don’t like the idea of ​​having a typewriter write for them, but they forget that this technology is there to help them. It can support their workload and free up time at night or other off-peak times so they can focus on other tasks that require more attention.

The truth is that robots are not capable of producing text as readable and understandable as humans. The problem here is the syntax, which is difficult for them to understand.

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