This author claims that John McAfee died ruined

John McAfee. Twitter

The late tech mogul and cryptocurrency advocate John McAfee died ruined while awaiting extradition to the United States for tax evasion in a Spanish prison last June, according to the Scottish author Mark Eglinton. McAfee had spent his fortune on lavish mansions, claims the writer who collaborated with the controversial antivirus pioneer on a book.

Eglinton, who worked with McAfee on the forthcoming book, No Domain: The John McAfee Tapes, for six months while the businessman fled the authorities, claims that the latter was unable to pay him an advance for this collaboration.

“I have no doubt that if he could have done it, he would have done it,” the author told the Daily Mail. “He said to me: ‘I can’t do this, my financial situation is worse than yours.”

According to the writer, McAfee lost his fortune due to a series of unsuccessful investments in real estate scattered around the world.

“His money was in very safe investments, but he built houses, absolutely bizarre properties,” Eglinton said. “He never slept a night in some of them.”

At different times in his life, the entrepreneur owned several mansions and resorts in Texas, Colorado, Hawaii and Tennessee in the United States, as well as Belize, among others.

The author claims that McAfee has confined himself to himself: “The $ 100 million I took from McAfee [activité antivirus], it goes very quickly “.

The entrepreneur sold his last stake in the business in 1994.

According to Mr. Eglinton, the businessman sold some of these properties at a loss when house prices fell during the “subprime” (mortgage) crisis of 2007-2009.

Regarding the book due for publication in December, Mr. Eglinton said that what “will surprise people about this book is the deep philosophy of John McAfee.”

As reported, on June 23, John McAfee was found dead in a Barcelona prison following the Spanish High Court’s decision to extradite the British-born American entrepreneur and crypto advocate to the United States. . Spanish authorities say everything at the scene indicates that the businessman committed suicide.

Hinting at his alleged financial situation a week before his death, McAfee tweeted that he wished he had hidden crypto-assets as US officials assumed, “but my money dissolved in the many hands of the team. McAfee (I’m not asking you to believe me), and my remaining assets were all seized. My friends evaporated for fear of being guilty by association. “


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