This bar in Grasse was administratively closed… but the manager was selling cannabis there

Despite the administrative closure measure, this establishment, located in the old town of Grasse, still received visitors. These are more discreet than during the period of this bar, better known for its games of pool and table football than as a drinking establishment.

The menu was more like cannabis

The establishment has needed some serious work to bring it into compliance with the rules, and its activity has decreased due to the Covid crisis. Has the manager succumbed to dishonest temptation? Something like a takeaway sale, but not ready meals. The menu was more like cannabis. The “customers” knocked on the door of the bar, where the curtain was drawn, and left with their “order”.

“Often for a small fee, from 2 to 10 euros maximum, it was made public, it went on for at least five years,” say clients and witnesses, finally questioned by the police, who, after being observed, were taken by surprise and arrested. put an end to this “modest” traffic (estimated from January to September 2022).

At the scene, we will find about 200 grams of cannabis, a precision scale, a knife with traces of drugs and 595 euros in cash, as well as a mysterious accounting sheet.

“I had no more income”

On September 20, the manager Wahbi S., a 37-year-old resident of Cannes, appeared before the Grasse court in pre-trial detention. “After my imprisonment, I had no more income,” he admits. “I worked in this bar for 12 years without any problems.” He disputes the 5-year term indicated in the testimony. For his lawyer Me Isabel Silvano, who is protesting the two-year-old firm requested by the prosecutor, “this is not big fish or big traffic.”

The defendant will be sentenced to one year in prison under electronically monitored house arrest.

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