This cheap 1 GB plan from Bouygues Telecom is ideal for smaller consumers.

Bouygues Telecom is launching a 1 GB B&You plan at a low price for those who don’t consume a lot of data every month. For just €6.99 per month, this no-obligation mobile plan will save you money.

There is no need to pay a lot for the maximum data package if you use very little data on your mobile phone every month. If your data consumption does not exceed 1 GB per month, this Bouygues Telecom package will definitely suit you. It definitely offers 1GB of 4G in metropolitan France, but it will be usable from Europe and overseas departments. A limited envelope, of course, but which should be enough to consult regularly and send emails or surf the web from time to time.

This amount of data should also be suitable for users who rely more on WiFi than mobile data.

This Bouygues Telecom package certainly benefits from unlimited calls and SMS services on the French mainland. It is also non-binding, giving you the freedom to change your offer or cancel it at any time, without being charged or supporting documents.

For everything it offers, this 1GB Bouygues Telecom package is charged at €6.99 per month, with the price not increasing after 12 months.

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