This confectioner robot (Silvercrest) is back at Lidl: everything you need to know

Today Lidl strikes. The German brand is releasing its Silvercrest pastry robot at a low price. Unbeatable price and rendezvous quality? It doesn’t take more to stir up the crowd. Kneading, mixing, mixing… This device takes care of it all to help you make delicious cakes. Listed for less than 50 euros, Lidl’s pastry robot is in danger of selling like hot cakes…

The long-awaited return of the Lidl food processor

Lidl is used to creating an event by presenting products at a reduced price. A few days ago, the German brand introduced its electric car, as well as cordless vacuum cleaners and even electric bicycles. Today, Lidl is once again putting one of its best sellers up for sale: its Silvercrest pastry robot.

Offered 20 euros cheaper than the most affordable product of competitors, this home appliance may be of interest to users. Because, as you know, Lidl offers low prices, but the quality is not discounted. Silvercrest’s pastry robot doesn’t have to be ashamed of its competitors. Flat beater, dough hook, whisk and even splash protection: it’s all there. The robot offers 8 speeds to adapt to the current recipe, as well as 650W of power. The set also includes a 5 liter stainless steel bowl. For 49.99 euros, quite honestly. Note, however, that at this price, the pastry robot doesn’t have a touch screen or connected app. But can we really blame him?

If you want to get into baking but don’t want to shell out a lot, the Lidl Silvercrest Stand Mixer is perfect for you. It includes essential features at the best price. To get this nugget, you will have to move. Yes, Lidl only offers this device in 1550 supermarkets in France.

The German brand had already put this pastry robot up for sale at the start of the year, and stocks quickly sold out. Back on sale today, Thursday 4 August, you’ll have to react if you’re hoping to get your hands on the Silvercrest pastry robot for €49.99.

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