This copy of God of War on Xbox is fun

Unthinkable but true: the studio has launched War Gods Zeus of Child, an Xbox video game that lets you impersonate Kratos, the PlayStation hero from God of War.

Are you looking forward to God of War Ragnarok? Don’t wait until November 9, 2022, get yourself an Xbox and fall in love with War Gods Zeus of Child, a video game spotted by Eurogamer in an article published on August 2. Oddly enough, it also features Kratos, the muse of the PlayStation brand over the years.

Needless to say, War Gods Zeus of Child is a copy – ridiculous – of God of War and, of course, far from approved by Sony. “I can tell you it’s a pointless experience when you have Kratos smash endless hordes of enemies in the arena until you give up or Kratos dies,” says the reporter. Unfortunately, we can’t check it ourselves: God of War Zeus the Child is unavailable as of August 3rd.

Gods of War Zeus Child. // Eurogamer YouTube entry

If you want to have a good laugh, watch the video of Baby Zeus, the God of War.

On YouTube you can find several gameplay videos of this War God Zeus of Child. And they’re hilarious: we actually see Kratos making a fool of himself by waving his hand stupidly to get rid of monsters, one dumber than the other. Nothing works: the graphics are ugly, the animations are ridiculous (Kratos is sliding on the ground!), the game mechanics are bad, and the gameplay feels painful. It really is reminiscent of all those copies that have flooded the mobile distribution platforms.

We also wonder how God of War Zeus of the Child could have ended up there, since the Xbox market is usually very strict. All indications are that Dolaka Ltd has gone through the Xbox Creators Collection, an initiative to bypass the standard process (involving reviews). However, developers who go through this must follow some obvious rules, such as “do not use names, images, or other metadata that is identical to those of other products.” This is probably the reason why War God Zeus of Child disappeared from the Xbox store.

Note that Dolaka Ltd is obviously a plagiarism specialist, as they also offer a title called Dinasaur Falling Survival, whose visual design is openly reminiscent of Fall Guys. “How far can you go without dying? Try to pass obstacles with your character. This is a survival game. If you hit an obstacle, you will start over, ”the description says.

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