This country claims to have no case of Covid-19

This country wants to pass itself off as a haven of peace, a global “UFO” in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic. Although the epidemic has affected the entire planet since 2020, Turkmenistan is proud to have not registered any cases of Covid-19 in its territory. However, as CNN details, the country is bordered by states whose numbers linked to the epidemic are sometimes scary: an incidence rate between 5,000 and 9,600 per 100,000 inhabitants in Iran (the country has already registered more than 5.5 million cases in total). , or about 2,000 cases in Afghanistan or Uzbekistan.

However, the Central Asian State does not move, while flights to the country are prohibited and only Turkmen can go there. But since then, activists have tried to prove otherwise. According to Ruslan Myatiev, a journalist for the independent news site Turkmen News, he has received numerous testimonies from Covid-19 cases. Whether from artists, teachers, doctors … in total, more than 60 proven cases have been entrusted to him. “Instead of cooperating with the international community, Turkmenistan has decided to pursue an ostrich policy,” says Ruslan Myatiev.

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Appears as the “savior” of the nation

According to the journalist’s sources, the cases were already identified at the beginning of 2020. Facts corroborated by the United States Embassy in Ashgabat in June of the same year, reporting “local citizens with symptoms similar to those of Covid -19”. They were even reportedly quarantined for 14 days. But the government called the news “fake news.” In July 2020, a delegation from the World Health Organization (WHO) visited the site without confirming a Covid case, but said it was “concerned about a significant number of cases of pneumonia and acute respiratory tract infections.”

Since then, Turkmenistan no longer reports on the health situation in the country, despite having approved the Russian vaccine. But, according to journalists and local activists, the situation is catastrophic in hospitals across the country. The deaths could number in the hundreds. In a country where there is no freedom of the press and criticism of the government, it is difficult to gather information. According to exiles interviewed by CNN, President Berdimuhamedow would have made a point of honor for the well-being of his population by appearing as the savior of the nation. Until denying any case of Covid in your country.

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