This fall, Skybound Games will release Rainbow Billy: The Curse of Leviathan from ManaVoid Entertainment on Nintendo Switch

Help the world return to its true colors with this platformer, adventure, and creature collector, free playable demo on June 16 as part of Steam Next Fest

LOS ANGELESJune 16 2021 – Skybound Games has announced the release of the upcoming title from indie developer ManaVoid Entertainment, Rainbow Billy: The Curse of the Leviathan. This 2.5D platform adventure game, featuring elements of RPG, puzzles, and creature collecting, will be available this fall on PlayStation®4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC. But no need to wait that long if you want to try it… The game will offer a free PC demo in English starting tomorrow, June 16, as part of Steam Next Fest.

Rainbow Billy was featured on GameSpot and The MIX as part of yesterday’s E3 lineup, which lands with a new trailer. The game was also on the side of the Wholesome Direct last weekend, a nice showcase of “cute and cool” indie games.

With Rainbow Billy, you must discover, whether it is the world, your own identity, or the dozens of benevolent creatures that you will meet on your adventure. When the evil Leviathan curses the fantasy world of monochrome misery, its residents find themselves sad, like poor shells stuffed with angst about their own identity. Armed with his kindness, a talking fishing rod, and countless friends, Billy must go on an adventure and inspire the beings he meets to find their courage and come back to their true colors. Use compassion and conversation to befriend a variety of creatures in nonviolent turn-based encounters, then invite them to your team to add them to your collection of helpful creatures.


  • Explore a world of imagination: From dark caves on isolated islands to hidden coves in stormy seas, discover a rich and complete world, crammed with treasures, friends… and dangers!
  • Make friends and get cute creatures: Meet nearly 60 adorable and strange creatures, and help them with their problems in non-violent encounters! Create your own team and save this world!
  • Solve complicated colorful puzzles: Each world is full of grueling challenges and secrets to unlock new areas to explore!
  • A dynamic 2.5D graphic style: The graphics of Rainbow Billy blend the personality of modern 2D cartoon characters with an imaginary world crammed with 3D graphics, all completed with an energetic soundtrack!
  • A touching fantasy adventure: Bring color back to a monochrome world and help your friends find the courage to be themselves in a story of empathy and self-discovery.
  • Fish for resources: Any great game should have a fishing mini-game!

Ian Howe, Co-CEO of Skybound Games, comments: “ Rainbow Billy is a universal story of learning about how to face the changes in the world, but also of learning to accept and care for oneself and the people around us. This game deals with easily identifiable questions of self-discovery, clean identity, and sanity with a load of compassionate adventure and fun, and we can’t wait to see fans find out soon. “

Chris Chancey, CEO and President of Manavoid Entertainment, comments: “Often games are just violent solutions to problems. In the midst of so much gloom, we wanted to create something that shines with a healthy, positive attitude and that demonstrates the beauty of being unique. Colorful and accessible, Rainbow Billy highlights important themes that are close to our hearts such as representation, diversity and inclusion in our communities. “

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