This free tool restores old photos instantly using artificial intelligence.

This amazing tool is able to restore your old corrupted snapshots in the blink of an eye thanks to the magic of artificial intelligence. You can test it for free online.

AI work on used photos – Photo: YouTube What is AI

Long before the era of cutting-edge camera phones like the iPhone 13 Pro Max, film photography was the norm. If the photographs are now dematerialized, many shots from yesteryear still adorn our physical albums and our dusty boxes. And they deteriorated inexorably, unable to escape the wear and tear of time. But you can breathe new life into them digitally without being a top-notch photo editor.

Actually there is a free recovery tool that you can test online. It is based on the GFP-GAN artificial intelligence model. “This one goes out of its way to figure out what’s in the image, fill in gaps, or add pixels if the image is low resolution,” explains Louis Bouchard, an artificial intelligence specialist who posted a detailed video about it:

Impressive but imperfect recovery tool

Wrinkles, stains, dirt, blurry details… Such is the fate of many photographs from the past. If you have them, just scan them and then upload them to the tool before hitting the “Recover Photos” button. The result can be strikingly realistic, but it can also deviate from reality. And for good reason, the AI ​​only makes assumptions about missing parts or damaged parts in order to suggest improvements.

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As such, the researchers concede that there may be a “slight change in identity” between the original photo and the retouched photo. “Reconstructing the same person from a low-resolution image would mean we know exactly what he looked like at the time, which we don’t,” says Louis Bouchard. “We use our knowledge of people and their normal appearance to make assumptions about the blurry image and create hundreds of new pixels.”

This is what we found while retouching some very old (and very damaged) photos with this tool. In a group shot, AI was able to retouch very blurry objects, offering an interpretation of their features. But she only focused on the faces, neglecting other body parts and the scene, which creates an odd shift in the final render. The result is much more convincing in a single subject photo, even if the rendering suffers from a lack of naturalness.

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