This headset for gamers allows you to fully immerse yourself in your gaming sessions

Every day, the editorial staff of the Daily Geek Show offers you tips that may please you and improve your daily life. Today, we want to highlight this superb headset for gamers, compatible with the PlayStation 4 in particular. It is only € 20 on Amazon.

This brand helmet Beexcellent has been designed to offer you total immersion in the world of your video game. Benefiting from multiple dynamic sound fields, foolproof sound clarity and a sensation of sound shock when necessary, you will be immersed and totally in harmony with the environment of your game. Regarding the microphone, know that ‘ It is omnidirectional, and also equipped with noise reduction technology so that your voice is clear and understandable. For people playing on services like Skype Where Discord, this is optimal.

One of the strengths of this product is its design which is totally ergonomic; it won’t bother you if you play for long hours with it, and the whole thing is very light. Weighing less than 300g, this is one of the lightest helmets on the market, compared to its size. So, unlike many other headsets on the market, very long sessions won’t hurt your head, and you won’t feel tired. A definite plus for gamers.

All this is made possible with the materials used. In particular, the leather makes up part of the pads and offers a very flexible, comfortable and light result. Besides, the foam pads are memory foam, so that the helmet adapts to your head. This gaming headset is truly designed for long-term use. It easily plugs into plug and play, it can be used to play on Pc, but also on PS4 & Xbox one. With its 3.5mm connector, it plugs in easily and works instantly. Note that if you are using it on an Xbox One, you will need the adapter. The product also stands out for its LED light, which will dazzle your room with a blue tint.

Finally, several features are to be discovered, such as the key accessible directly with a hand which allows you to mute your microphone. If you want to get this product, know that it is available at € 19.99 on Amazon. To access it, you can click on the button below.

The information and offers presented here may have changed since the publication of this article.

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