This iconic PS1 game we’ve all come to love costs €32,000.

It’s time to open your boxes. This legendary PS1 game costs €32,000 and you can have it at home.

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PS1 games are still in demand

The PS1 has no shortage of iconic games. Sony’s first home console was a true technological revolution when it was released. Today, many gamers are looking forward to seeing remakes of some legendary console games, from Metal Gear Solid to Silent Hill and Tenchu.

Others prefer to collect those games that are over 20 years old. We can understand them because some of them cost a fortune. Such is the case with this PS1 game, which can be sold for 32,000 euros. What if he was at home?

Extremely rare version of the first Resident Evil worth 32,000 euros.

Heritage Auctions hosts many online video game auctions. Rare versions in mint condition are sometimes worth a fortune, like this Super Mario 64 cartridge sold for over $1.5 million, which is a record. Even if the game we’re about to talk about costs a lot less, it still costs €32,000.

This is one of the first long format American versions of Resident Evil 1 for PS1. This product, valued at €32,000 in excellent condition, is currently up for auction. Other versions of Resident Evil 1 are for sale on the site. If you have a new copy of the game, it can cost a very good amount. Otherwise, you can try to add it to your collection. Additionally, this PS1 version will save you from getting the dreaded trophy present in the Resident Evil 1 remake published on the GameCube in 2002.

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