This is more than SF #129 – X-Men: House of X – Frederik Sigrist

Frédéric Sigrist of French Inter opens the third season of It’s More Than Fantasy with X-Men: House of X !

Rebirth of the X-Men

While the series, conceived by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby, celebrates its seventieth anniversary in 2023, the franchise was dusted off in 2019 thanks to screenwriter Jonathan Hickman and RB illustrators Silva Pepe Larraz. With these two mini-series twins House X as well as Powers X published by Panini Comics in a beautiful integral, the X-Men are updated. Professor Xavier decides to build a state for mutants around the world and unites friends and enemies to create a political utopia. Narratively and visually ambitious, this new series was a great surprise. Jonathan Hickman, through his notes, diagrams, and details, suggests a complex universe while integrating other X-Men stories. Launch pad for six new series, Marvel is back in action.
Thanks to Arno Tomasini of the First Print podcast for his analysis.

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