This is the first in the Rhone, a solidarity insurance to fight against cyberbullying

Be insured against cyberbullying. 1,400 students from Notre-Dame de Villefranche-Sûr Saône University and Secondary School have enrolled since the beginning of the school year. An initiative of the CEO Christophe Audard.

A first in France! The Notre Dame de Villefranche-Sûr Saône school group has decided to carry out an unprecedented experiment to fight bullying, subscribing to a Kolibri solidarity insurance, launched by the Marion la main tendue association.

Formalized on September 29 with the signing of the contract at the Notre Dame de Villefranche-Sûr Saône school, this decision is a test year for both the 1,400 students and the teachers.

“Acquire specific skills”

So why such an initiative? Christophe Audard, general director of the Notre Dame school group offers several answers, in particular that of helping families with therapeutic, legal support and “cleaning” of social networks.

“We start from the observation that the vast majority of the conflicts that we can experience in our establishments have their origin in social networks. We support these parents there, but the insurance will allow them to bring psychological competence, distance, support and a Focus comprehensive prevention with the Marion la main tendue association ”.

We are already doing considerable work with teachers, school nurses, principals and those involved in school life, all mobilized. But here we want to acquire specific skills, which we must look elsewhere.

Christophe Audard, general director of the Notre Dame school group.

Insurance cost: 18 euros per year and per child, entirely at the expense of the establishment.

Cyberbullying is exploding

“All he wanted was to send himself photos,” says Cynthia, a terminal student at Notre Dame high school in Villefranche-Sûr Saône. “He didn’t want to. He tried to force but saw that it didn’t work and stopped. Some people force until the girl sends a photo.”

Four to five times a week, Cynthia receives requests on Instagram. Strangers for the most part, older than her and not even saying hello.

At first I did not respond, I put aside the views that I did not want to block for nothing. There was one who sent me a photo of their private parts and now I’m blocking them because I don’t want their photos.

Cynthia, a senior at Notre Dame High School.

School bullying seen by Pierre-Bénite university students in a video …

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Social networks intrigue, they keep the mystery. Everyone can create an identity, a role and hide behind.

I am afraid of this Internet where everyone can write anonymously.


A change from the real to the virtual that Timéo noticed when he was in college. “We had chosen a random person at the beginning of the year with friends. At first we joked with her and she laughed, but we pressed more and more. With the group effect I did not realize it. I argued with my parents and my older brother, I realized what I had done and I felt guilty. I went to apologize and since then I have tried to defend those who are harassing them. “

We used to be private on Instagram and Tik Tok appeared. This is bad because there is a lot of harassment on Tik Tok. Many people are insulted, there is a lot of gratuitous hatred.

Timéo, a student at Notre Dame High School.

According to the e-Enfance association, which manages a listening platform, cyber violence directed at minors increased by 50% in 2020.

React as fast as possible

In France, between 800,000 and 1 million children are victims of bullying each year, representing 6 to 10% of students. This is what reveals the senatorial report of the Senate investigative mission on bullying and cyberbullying that was released on Thursday, September 23. In particular, it is recommended to strengthen the training of teachers in the fight against bullying.

35 recommendations were issued to “detect, treat and prevent bullying and cyberbullying”. Topics recently brought to light by threats and insults from # anti2010 directed at students born in 2010.

To quickly detect bullying situations, the report recommends “integrating training in empathy and benevolence, as well as in the identification of bullying situations”, or “implementing a protocol for listening and transmitting information among all adults present in a school “.

On September 21, the social network Instagram launched an anti-bullying awareness campaign, #LePoidsDesMots, supported by Brigitte Macron. An online campaign but also in schools. From September until next June, 300 secondary schools will be visited by a “tour de France” co-organized by Instagram and Génération Numérique or e-Enfance, associations that have worked in prevention workshops.

The fight against bullying is our top priority and we are proud to launch a campaign of this magnitude for the first time in France.

Adam Mosseri, Head of Instagram World

Necessary and even essential solutions. “All this can produce very serious things for some children and here it is a matter of not laughing, of not losing sight of the fact that adults can go through serious events due to the fog created by these social networks”, explains Christophe Audard. , general director of the Notre Dame de Villefranche school group.

40 000. This is the number of young people who attempt suicide in France each year.

We remember Alisha, the 14-year-old girl, who drowned after being beaten and thrown into the Seine by two companions, a boy and a girl, in early March 2021. The story of a love trio gone wrong. During the month of February, a partially nude photo of Alisha is posted on Snapchat and rotated throughout the school. The teen’s account had been hacked while it was open.

If you are being bullied or know someone who is being bullied

Open from Monday to Friday from 9 a.m. to 8 p.m. and Saturdays from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. (except holidays).
If the harassment takes place on the Internet: “NET ÉCOUTE” GREEN N °: 0800 200 000 Open from Monday to Friday from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m.
Anonymous and free calls.

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