This is the October Prime Day TV deal I’m waiting for

I dreamed of a TV deal, and the Amazon Prime Early Access sale is my next chance. Like many, I see the biggest sales of the year as the time to get one of the best TVs. And unfortunately at the moment my eyes are wider than my wallet because I put off buying this TV because its current price is so damn high.

Unlike many (or I hope so), I’ve spent the last months watching burn-in on my own OLED TV (make sure you enable burn-in protection in your OLED’s settings). But because this TV is such a big, bright, and colorful beast, I’m spoiled for choice on what to replace it with.

My choice? 55-inch LG C2 OLED, $1,346 at Amazon (will open in a new tab) hot new tv to get. I thought I would buy it as an excellent predecessor as well, but I didn’t understand how the prices and availability of the TV worked.

Why is my LG C2 TV right for me?

Why this TV? Well, as always. I turned to my colleague Kate Kozuch, who wrote our review of the LG C2 OLED TV, for advice, and she started off by saying it’s fantastic for gaming. As the owner of the PS5 and Xbox Series X pushing the boundaries, I’m happy to see that all four of its HDMI ports support variable refresh rates and auto-low latency modes.

In addition, its Game Optimizer has a new darkroom mode and also supports NVIDIA G-sync and AMD FreeSync. And all this with a superbly low latency of 12.9 milliseconds? It’s like a TV that should last me the next decade.

In her review, Kate emphasized that the C2 has an “impressively wide color gamut, reproducing 134.45% of the Rec 709 color space” and noted how the C2 did “the mirror dimension scene in Spider-Man: No Way Home”. fantastic as “the colors of Peter’s suit and Dr. Strange’s cape looked exceptionally rich.”

Equally, if not more, the motion clarity is impressive, as she notes, Top Gun: Maverick looked amazing on TV, with “movement processing for speeding fighters” where “no detail is lost.”

Prediction: Wait too long and the TV you want will disappear

Kate’s review also notes that the C2 doesn’t have a significant brightness advantage over the C1 I’ve looked at before, but it’s not a TV that I can confidently look at right now. As you may know, TVs mostly have an availability range of over a year since they are out of production.

Right now, the C1 is not being sold by any of the major retailers, but is simply being sold at some place called “Beach Camera” in Edison, NJ via Amazon. And no disrespect to them, but for such a large purchase, I want to buy it from Amazon or Best Buy, not from a company that I know nothing about.

This C1 has dropped to $1,099 since early April 2022 (according to CamelCamelCamel). (will open in a new tab)). So this is my current goal. I’d love to see the C2 at $999, and since it’s much earlier than the April 2022 C1, I’m probably ready to hit buy at $1,199.

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