This new Instagram feature that irritates users

Does Instagram’s new “sensitivity” filter affect the work of its users? This is the question that raises The Verge after many users got upset that some of their posts were blocked. Whether in posts or social network stories, account holders warn their “followers” that the new setting limits their reach and that if they want to see all of their posts, they must turn off the filter.

However, according to Instagram, this new filter aims to limit the dissemination of sensitive images as much as possible, and users can choose the limit of so-called “sensitive” images they want to see. Young people under the age of 18, for example, do not have the possibility of authorizing them. In The Verge, artist and creator of queer magazine Natural Pursuits, Phillip Miner, laments “that over the past twenty-four hours he has had many conversations with artists and creators” who “would” be incredibly frustrated to see their hidden work “.

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Everyone can choose, according to Instagram

At the same time, users of the social network would also be very embarrassed not to be able to observe the work of the people they follow. According to Phillip Miner, the last message he posted alerting to the problem, has already been shared more than 190,000 times and has reached more than 700,000 people. Whether they come from the world of tattooing, the cannabis industry, the sex industry … all point the finger at this new filter.

However, no reason to worry according to Instagram, who recalled that anyone can choose to limit or not this content. “These changes will have no impact on what users see on their feed or in stories, where we will continue to show posts from people they follow,” said a spokesperson. According to angry users, the main problem is that all sensitive content is grouped together under the same term “sensitive”. Phillip Miner suggests to the social network to allow personalization according to what they consider “sensitive”.

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