This new Pokémon video game encourages its users to sleep

Video game creators never cease to amaze us. The developers of the famous game Pokémon Go, which consists of hunting virtual Pokémon with your smartphone while moving around the environment, offer a new game that requires much less effort, according to, February 28, 2023. To catch these fantastic creatures, you no more roaming the street, you’ll have to… sleep! In a press release, the brand unveiled its new game, which will be released in the summer of 2023: “Lack of energy when you wake up? Does your evening routine tire you out? Now you can make your sleep fun with Pokémon Sleep!

Specifically, to play, you will need to put your smartphone next to the pillow. The creators of Pokémon Sleep say that “the more you sleep, the more points you get when you wake up, and you’ll also see more Pokémon appear around Snorlax.” The latter will be at the center of the game. This 460 kg Pokémon is well known for sleeping and waking up only to eat. During sleep, the application will launch and calculate the time spent by the player in sleep. At the end of her night, she classifies the “dodo” type. There will be three of them: “ptidodo, bondodo or grododo”.


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Designed around the player’s sleep, the game will suggest you when you wake up Pokémon that will fall asleep around Snorlax, depending on their sleep type. “You can find Pokémon using the rare and uncommon dodo style. Each Pokémon has a different dodo style,” the brand said in a statement. The promise is great, it remains to be seen if fans of Pikachu, Charizard and other Charmanders will embrace this particular new gameplay.


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