This Nintendo game that we all loved is now worth almost 8,000 euros.

It’s time to clean up your game library, maybe you will find a real treasure there. Even if we are far from the world record set by The Legend of Zelda in 1987, which sold at auction for 730,000 euros, this little nugget is growing in value.

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Retro games are worth their weight in gold (at least some of them)

It’s time to dust off old boxes and game cartridges, if you’re lucky, you can hit the jackpot. Like Pokémon cards, the cost of some games increases over time. Obviously, the price varies depending on the rarity, the number of draws, as well as the state of the game. The more the game is intact and complete, the more it is worth. As long as you also have the manual that comes with the game, prices can literally skyrocket.

It must be said that today, when everything is dematerialized, we are no longer accustomed to storing our games in such quantities, with the possible exception of our main licenses and special editions. An old game, cartridge, box becomes a real collectible that you proudly display on a shelf at home (or keep clean in an unopened place). And if you’re broke right now, we can only recommend our 7 best cheap video games to play when you’re broke.

Today this game can be sold for almost 8,000 euros.

If we’re talking about a management game in which a character inherits a farm and has to take care of his crops and animals, does that necessarily remind you of something? Yes, we are talking about Harvest Moon 64, a worthy ancestor of Stardew Valley. Know that the last one is worth a nice jackpot today The famous simulation game, originally released in 1999 on the Nintendo 64 in Japan, has literally skyrocketed in the rankings in recent years.

Depending on the condition, prices range from 100 to… 8000 euros, as evidenced by a recent sale on April 22, 2022 on the Heritage Auctions website. But at this price, the game is still in its box, completely intact and supplied with instructions, also flawless. The price is explained, first of all, by the popularity of the license, as well as by the very limited number of games released in the European and American markets.

Trailer Harvest Moon on Switch

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