This person saves a portion of Twitter in case Musk does something.

AFP The 107-page Google Doc contains a list of Twitter memes.


The 107-page Google Doc contains a list of Twitter memes.

TWITTER – Moiré meme work. Ever since Elon Musk bought Twitter, the social network has been at the rhythm of its owner’s changing desires, and Internet users have been worried about the bluebird’s survival. But let them calm down: the American writes down all the memes that he sees on the social network since 2019 in a 107-page Google document that he just shared.

“I periodically update this Google Doc, which has had almost every Twitter meme template for years,” Nathan Allebach, Philadelphia-based creative director, tweeted Nov. 13. “If the ship goes down, you can leave these old jokes as a gift. »

This document originally served as a resource for other social media managers to keep them updated on the latest trends on Twitter. “At first I only included memes that could be suitable for brands, but in the end I added as many popular formats as I could track down,” he says in an interview with BuzzFeed.

This census also pays tribute to meme creators: “Hats off to all the brilliant people who create these meme formats and who rarely get the credit they deserve! It’s easy to draw inspiration from existing content, but original content creators are the backbone of the meme economy. »

Is Twitter’s survival in danger?

But ever since Elon Musk came to power, the existence of Twitter as we know it has been in jeopardy. Tesla’s boss is no longer a genius. Last? He asked each employee individually to give up “entirely” the company, otherwise they would leave. He has already announced the dismissal of many employees – before recalling some of them.

Other changes include receiving a certificate in exchange for a subscription for 8 euros. Elon Musk temporarily suspended it due to the emergence of many fake accounts. And some of the personalities banned from social media for various problematic statements, like Kanye West, have returned – in anticipation of Donald Trump?

But what if Twitter goes down? Nathan Allebach, who has been using the social network since 2009, cannot imagine that “Twitter is collapsing despite Musk’s best efforts. Replicating and developing a competitor at a profit would be a difficult task. But who knows? If Twitter collapses, we will all collapse with it. But part of his legacy will be preserved forever.

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