This PlayStation 5 Slim will make you regret buying a PlayStation 5

As the French players prepare to receive their Playstation 5, a breathtaking concept is causing a lot of ink to flow on the Web. Designed by designer Jermaine Smit, aka Concept Creator, this PlayStation 5 Slim has something to impress you!

Everyone, including Sony, agrees that the PlayStation 5 is huge, whether it’s standing upright or when laid horizontally. The Japanese firm has so far announced two versions of the console, a regular model and a Digital Edition variant which is devoid of an optical drive. However, if Sony sticks to its custom, other models are expected to come over the next few years, before the PS6 arrives. In particular, the manufacturer is expected to launch “Slim” and “Pro” models.

The PlayStation 5 Slim according to Concept Creator (YouTube capture)

Even though no information is currently available on these possible future variants, Concept Creator has uploaded a superb concept video in honor of the PS5 Slim on YouTube.

A series of renderings introducing the PlayStation 5 Slim

Before getting to the heart of the matter, we want to clarify that we are dealing with a simple concept. Moreover, there is no indication that Sony really intends to launch a PS5 Slim. The renderings are in any case so successful that one might think they come directly from the Japanese giant.

The bottom of the console is flat, allowing it to be easily placed on a TV stand. Despite its reduced thickness, it retains the breathtaking look and the striking color contrasts of the current models.

The designer also imagined a black variant. We can even say that compared to the white version, this one looks more elegant. Of course, the DualSense controller succumbs to the same color scheme.

No optical drive

Like the PlayStation 5 Digital Edition, this so-called PS5 Slim that Concept Creator offers us to discover through its video is devoid of optical drive. Compared to those of current models, its ventilation wings also seem flatter and more integrated into the chassis. They stretch gently across the front and reveal blue lighting.

In short, although we do not yet know what the PlayStation 5 Slim could actually look like, this concept allows us to have an idea of ​​its design. At least, if Sony was inspired by the design of current models.


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