This rather reserved billionaire is now richer than Jeff Bezos.

His name probably won’t tell you anything. Yet Indian industrialist Gautam Adani has become the world’s second richest man, surpassing Amazon founder Jeff Bezos.

A fortune greater than that of Bernard Arnault and Bill Gates.

With a fortune estimated by Bloomberg media at $146.8 billion, Gautam Adani would now be the second richest person in the world. Adani, at 60, is still nowhere near a match for Elon Musk, managing a $263.9 billion military budget and making his fortune in the port industry and commodity trading.

The first Asian to become one of the top three richest people, who has overtaken Bernard Arnault and Bill Gates in recent months, owns 75% of Adani Enterprises, one of India’s largest industrial conglomerates. Presented as self-taught, he doubled his fortune last year, ranking more than 20 on the list of the richest people in the world. More precisely, Adani has been the richest billionaire for a year, while Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos, to quote them again, have lost several billion dollars. 19 for the first and 39 for the second…

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