This robot uses UV to eliminate viruses in airplanes

Robots can serve many purposes, examples are not lacking today. In this time of health crisis, of Covid-19 hunting, they can be of great help. The proof.

The robots can carry out dangerous missions for humans and / or to carry out grueling tasks which can take a long time under normal conditions. We must finally find the idea and implement it. The robot that interests us today officiates in airplanes and has the mission of eliminating viruses that would be present thanks to ultraviolet radiation.

These UV robots were designed to clean airplanes

The world still lives largely in confinement. If some trips continue to take place, of course, the majority remains very small, and it takes a very, very good reason to travel to another country today. The world will eventually return to normal, but this Covid-19 pandemic is showing us that we need to start taking these kinds of threats more seriously.

and rid them of all possible viruses, including Covid-19

One of the things that we may see change in the future is cleaning and more specifically disinfection. In this field, robots could be perfect. A Swiss startup called UVeya has designed robots equipped with black light lamps (ultraviolet radiation) to help clean airplanes. These robots are currently being tested on Swiss planes to assess their effectiveness.

If this test proves successful, these UV robots could then be adopted by other airlines and integrated into their cleaning protocols, which would help restore travelers’ confidence in this means of transport. The use of ultraviolet to kill viruses is not new but as said before, the pandemic has shown us that it will have to be integrated more in the future to avoid further disastrous episodes. Hopefully this test phase is a success and that these robots are quickly deployed.

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