This robot vacuum cleaner, available at a bargain price, has become a hit in this online store.

Robot vacuum cleaners are getting better and better, and now you can count on robot vacuum cleaners with a mop like the Midea I5C sold on AliExpress that not only pick up dust and dirt, but can also do wet cleaning. The Mida I5C Robot Vacuum Cleaner is indeed equipped with a mop head, which allows you to clean up dried marks. In addition, the robot has a water tank to help keep the mop moist throughout the entire cleaning session, and you can even choose how wet the pad is to suit the type of floor you’re cleaning. Simplify your daily life with the Midea I5C robot vacuum cleaner, it costs 157.15 euros instead of 327.39 euros on AliExpress, and don’t forget to use the seller’s coupon for an additional discount of 18.86 euros!

Midea I5C Robot Vacuum Cleaner 54% off AliExpress

The Midea I5C Robot Vacuum at AliExpress offers up to 180 minutes of battery life, so it can clean large areas before it needs to return to base. Not only does it have a wet pad to clean up dried-on marks, but it also has brushes that sweep away dust and debris, not to mention a brush that can loosen them if needed to suck them up better. In addition, the Midea I5C robot vacuum cleaner also has a triple filtration system that can trap the smallest dust and allergens. The robot is equipped with a collision avoidance system, and can also easily overcome door thresholds, without difficulty moving from one room to another. Finally, you can use the mobile app to schedule your cleaning.

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