This role-playing game stands out at gamescom with special assets.

Game news This role-playing game stands out at gamescom with special assets.

Published on 25.08.2022 at 15:16

In the third-person role-playing arena, The Last Oricru can succeed due to several elements.

Action-RPG in the style of “medieval sci-fi”

If your heart is torn between medieval games and sci-fi universes, The Last Oricru is for you! Developed in Prague by GoldKnights and Prime Matter, this RPG truly depicts a medieval sci-fi world where the most advanced technology has been largely forgotten. Only a select few can still use what remains of magical artifacts such as the Last Orikru, a creature imbued with mystical powers.

Your choice matters!

In The Last Oricru, the entire adventure is structured to emphasize storytelling. Each of our choices will have consequences for the entire game and its history, up to the impact on the fate of the entire nation. Therefore, we must remember that with our decisions we will be able to control the outcome of the conflict, in which, apparently, different races of beings are involved.

The decision tree leads to different outcomes that affect the story, characters, ending of the game, as well as the environment and game flow. Each action, additional quest or death can affect your reputation with various factions. There are several ways to play The Last Oricru: befriend everyone or become an enemy to everyone, with the consequences that follow.

Single and co-op play

Another feature of The Last Oricru is that it can be played solo or in local or online co-op. Thus, mutual aid will offer new ways to win boss battles or reach special secret areas.

On the occasion of gamescom, the designers of The Last Oricru invite us to watch a trailer revealing the game’s release date set for October 13th on PC, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S. The video, visible in autoplay, introduces us to its protagonist, Silver, a cynical and sarcastic man who opens his eyes after 350 years of cryogenization. The sci-fi/medieval world he finds himself in is in the throes of civil war as various rival factions conspire to take complete control of the planet.

The Last Oricru will release on October 13 for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC.

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