This symbolic Windows 11 tool may be gone soon

The Control Panel has been an integral and iconic part of Windows since the very first version of the operating system, released in 1985. Now, however, those days are numbered as Microsoft has moved even more related features to the new Windows. 11 Settings application.

However, while the upcoming Windows 11 update looks set to move much of the Control Panel to Settings, the latest version of Windows (will open in a new tab) indicates that Microsoft does not want to abandon it yet. At least completely.

The biggest ported feature is the ability to uninstall programs, including older Win32 desktop applications. In the “Settings” window, it was possible to remove some applications, but not all. Here it will be easier for you to find at once all the programs that you want to remove.

Should the control panel be disabled?

Although it has run under every version of Windows, it’s time for Microsoft to get rid of the Control Panel entirely. As you’d expect from a feature that’s entering its fourth decade, the control panel looks pretty archaic.

It hasn’t changed much over the years, and while it’s become familiar and convenient no matter what version of Windows you’re using, it’s begun to stand out from more modern Windows 11 apps.

When Microsoft started to seriously overhaul the look and feel of Windows, starting with Windows 8, it messed things up a bit. This is by keeping both old apps like Control Panel and introducing modern apps like Settings that often performed the same task.

As a result, Windows 8, along with Windows 10 and Windows 11, was seen as a collection of multiple operating systems rather than as one unified modern operating system.

Microsoft is trying to fix this with Windows 11 and has modernized many of its iconic apps like Paint.

He also began moving features from the control panel to settings, with the goal of getting rid of the former entirely at some point. While this is a smart move, it still seems like Microsoft is moving too slowly as users can go into the Settings app only to find that they actually have to go into the control panel to get the desired setting.

This proved especially problematic when uninstalling apps, as the Settings app only allowed certain apps to be uninstalled. And you should have used the control panel for others.

Unsurprisingly, this has caused a lot of confusion and frustration, and while we understand that Microsoft wants to slowly transition to the Settings app, it would be far better for users to rip off the band-aid and move everything back and forth in one go. . In other words: kill the control panel once and for all.

Of course, we will be sad to see the Control Panel disappear, but this will not only make Windows 11 easier to use, but also save this iconic feature from a slow and lengthy death.

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