This time Iran chose the axis of evil –

In 2015, Iran played the game again, finally signing a nuclear deal that is widely agreed to be respected. Three years later, another spit in the face of the Iranians: Donald Trump withdraws from the agreement. Reprisals will not keep you waiting, in Yemen and especially the forced march of the nuclear program.

The unleashing of the war by Russia in Ukraine on February 24 was undoubtedly the last chance for the Islamic Republic to get closer to the Western camp, to regain its virginity. The country has everything: oil and the second largest gas reserves in the world after Russia. If Iran were to let go of Russia, it would achieve both the lifting of sanctions, and the billions of dollars of investment it badly needs, and its return to the concert of nations.

He hesitated, and then did just the opposite.

“War is a cruel and difficult business, and the Islamic Republic is not at all happy that people are involved in war,” Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei told Vladimir Putin, who visited Tehran on July 19. But in the case of Ukraine, if you had not taken the helm, the other side would have started a war.”

A few days earlier, a Russian military delegation visited the Kachan airfield, 250km south of Tehran, for the second time to acquire Iran’s Shahed-191 and Shahed-129 stealth drones, which are said to be formidable. Some argue that Iranian specialists will join the theater of operations to deal with these devices.

In its national narrative, Iran is never the aggressor, but always the victim of the great powers. By joining the Russian camp, Iran is taking a step that China shies away from and associates with a bloody enterprise much more visible than its activities in Yemen or Lebanon. Being undoubtedly unfairly referred to the “Axis of Evil”, Tehran rushes into it of its own free will.

Russia, for its part, has long avoided rapprochement with Iran, hoping to improve relations with Israel and the Arab countries. This caution is also buried. The two allies are now engaged in a fast-paced rush that makes the future very uncertain and the world more dangerous.

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