This trick for less than 10€ allows you to play Play for longer

With this accessory at a very low price, your PlayStation gaming experience can be drastically changed for the better.

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Month of promotions on PS4 and PS5

August has been a very generous month for the financial resources of PlayStation gamers. In anticipation of big releases at the end of the year, since the remake of The Last of Us, promotions have followed one another on shopping sites. You can still get the best rated Assassin’s Creed for a reduced price.

But if it’s important to stock your toy library at a low cost, it’s also important to provide superior play comfort. Without it, you will have less fun playing games, and the overall gaming experience will deteriorate. Fortunately, we have found the right solution.

An accessory at a ridiculous price that changes lives

When the gamepad begins to discharge (with the disappearance of one of the bars), some players have a desire to kill two birds with one stone, that is, to continue playing while recharging. Problem: Gaming cables directly from Sony have a habit of being too short. This limitation forces gamers to get too close to the screen, resulting in faster build-up of fatigue.

To overcome this situation, third-party manufacturers offer 4-meter cables that allow you to maintain your preferred position and extend your sessions. Unlike rechargeable cradles, you can enjoy your favorite games while keeping your controller charged at optimal levels. The other benefit is that they cost (almost) nothing as they are available on Amazon for less than 10 euros on both PS4 and PS5. We let you familiarize yourself with the offers by clicking on the images.

PS4 charging cable

miniatureLioncast PS4 4m Fast Charging Cable – €8.87 instead of €9.93. Amazon

ps5 charging cable

miniatureLioncast 4m Fast Charging Cable for PS5 – €9.42 Amazon

The best gaming experience is waiting for you!

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