Thistle Technologies raises $ 2.5 million for its IoT security technology

Start-up Thistle Technologies has raised $ 2.5 million from True Ventures, according to an article by Techcrunch published April 22. This is his first fundraiser.

Founded by Window Snyder

Specialized in securing the IoT, this start-up was founded by Window Snyder, a cybersecurity expert who worked as chief security officer at Square, Mozilla and Fastly. She has also held several senior security positions at Apple and Microsoft.

The explosion of connected objects increases the challenges in terms of cybersecurity. According to consulting firm Gartner, there are currently 25 billion connected objects worldwide. More than 40% of them are used in health, a particularly critical sector.

Cyber ​​security in the background

Despite these challenges, not all manufacturers give the same importance to IT security. Some make no effort to correct the security holes, while others simply omit the software update mechanisms necessary to deliver the fixes.

It is to try to answer this problem that Window Snyder launched Thistle. This precisely aims to help manufacturers of devices without technical teams or resources to integrate software update mechanisms and thus avoid being the target of a cyber attack. The young shoot does not yet detail how its technology works.

We make it easier for device manufacturers to meet safety requirements. When the update mechanism is resilient and reliable, the business can leverage it beyond security fixes to deliver updates for new functionality with confidence, Details Window Snyder. It may even open up new sources of income for some clients. Security can be a catalyst.

Force manufacturers to secure devices

Some states are considering adopting laws to force manufacturers of objects to secure their devices. The UK was a pioneer. The government introduced a code of good conduct in 2018 and presented a bill in 2019. The latter is in the process of being adopted. For example, it will require manufacturers to notify customers of how long a device will receive software updates.

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