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If you’ve just signed up for Netflix or Disney+, you might want to move away from the new catalog and credible values ​​and dive into the great series that have built these platforms’ reputations with critics. Like shooting stars, the last decade’s all-out production has also canceled its fair share of master moves after a few seasons. This weekend, CNET brings you a four-star menu that’s superb in every way: The OA and Mindhunter (Netflix), as well as one of FX’s flagship series that has never been fully available on DVD in France: Save me” (Disney+).

What shows to watch this weekend on Netflix and Disney+?

Captivating and gripping thriller on Netflix: Mindhunter

Summary: In the late 1970s, two agents majored in criminology, showing an interest in the psychology of murder and approaching, unfortunately, very real monsters.

Opinion : If series about serial killers and those who ruthlessly hunt them down have taken hold on television around the world, tracing the origins of the discipline of profiling has been unprecedented until then. Even if Mindhunter is Joe Penhall’s creation, one of the lighter ones on the show is of course David Fincher, who signs off on multiple episodes and whose visual vibe and photography is very present. Mindhunter is a dive into the dirty news shaking some US cities in the mid-1970s, a tandem of FBI special agents who are opposed by everything: the ambitious, progressive, but preoccupied Holden Ford (Jonathan Groff) and the more skeptical old-timer Bill Tench (Holt McCallany). Together they must promote discipline by questioning the motives and psychology of the killers, their relationship with their victims…

But nothing is gained for them: they must convince their hierarchy of the merits of their research, in particular to ensure better administration in the event of a hostage situation; as well as local police and prosecutors who are negative about their involvement and the elements they bring to the investigation. The show does not show or excite murders, but deals with the deals and successes made by this motley FBI tandem. It also features charming female characters, including Fringe star Anna Torv as Wendy Carr, a brilliant psychologist who comes to lend a helping hand. Elegant and captivating, Mindhunter never ceases to amaze with a biased analysis of a discipline whose results we now take for granted. Unfortunately, it only has two seasons, and David Fincher has confirmed that the door to a mid-term sequel isn’t closed.

  • Explore the Mindhunter universe with the first season trailer:

Mysterious and poignant series on Netflix: The OA

Summary: Seven years after disappearing from home, a young woman returns with mysterious powers and recruits five strangers for a secret mission.

Opinion : We often hear criticism of Netflix for over-formatting their projects, playing on codes and famous stars. However, there are many exceptions, and The OA is undoubtedly one of the most unique series ever made for this platform. The brainchild of a team that has produced several independent films, actress Brit Marling (also star of the series) and director Zal Batmanglij, The OA has evolved over the years as a rich, word-of-mouth story. Starting with the return of a missing woman who miraculously regained her sight, OA talks about ordinary characters who suddenly find themselves around this mysterious figure who no longer wants to be called Prairie, but AO.

Speaking of death, resurrection, hope and separation, she asks to be carried through sixteen episodes spanning two seasons. Mad scientists, dance, mysticism and empathy, its ethereal vibe is never far from the HBO series The Leftovers. Never straying away from fantasy, she manages to move by placing the camera as close as possible to her character and her heroine. An experience that will not leave you indifferent!

  • The OA mystery is revealed – a little bit – in its trailer:

Firehouse Requiem on Disney+: Save Me 9/11 Heroes

Summary: On September 11, New York firefighters were injured, especially Tommy Gavin (Denis Leary). Recently separated from his wife and three children, Tommy oscillates between sadness and anger as he tries to shake off his recurring nightmares of seeing his fallen comrades again.

Opinion : In the early 2000s, FX helped resurrect American cable television with two world-famous programs: The Shield and Nip/Tuck. At his own pace, he will also be broadcasting a rather unknown nugget in France, broadcast on the late Jimmy Channel and published in part on DVD: Save Me 9/11 Heroes. Over the past few days, Disney+ has allowed you to discover or rediscover it in high definition with its first six seasons.

Straddling perfectly between a high school comedy about the daily life of a New York City firehouse and a bittersweet drama about their traumas, fast-moving impulses and fragile reconstruction, Rescue Me owes much to the banter and charisma of its co-writer and star: Denis Leary, an edgy Irish-American , best known as a stand-up comedian since the 1990s. As Tommy Gavin, he becomes an anti-hero who is both extremely competent in his performances as a captain and a man on the verge of burnout, haunted by the ghosts of those he could not save, and in particular his best friend lost in the limbo of the World Trade Center 11 September.

Rescue Me is also a great ensemble series with as brilliant supporting roles as their star: Fire Chief Jerry (Jack McGee), Lou (John Scurti), who, chagriningly, tries to banish his troubles with poetry . his wife; and well-defined supporting female roles such as Sheila (Kelly Thorne), the widow of Jimmy, Tommy’s best friend. This whole little world is served by irresistible dialogue and must manage an increasingly complex personal life that threatens to completely consume them in the case of Tommy, as well as many of his teammates. The icing on the cake: An excellent soundtrack that often end episodes poignantly. A superb serial vintage that brilliantly exploits the full potential of its theme.

  • A short digression towards the FDNY firefighters with a vintage promo from Rescue Me:

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